A few years ago I was diagnosed with T2 diabetes by my primary care physician. I did the things he advised me to do which was exercise, eat healthy, lose weight. Pretty good advice but over the years and especially this past year, my numbers continued to increase. It was the A1c reading of 9.4 at the beginning of December that stopped me in my tracks. In re-evaluating things it was readily apparent that doctors are great at diagnosing diabetes, but lack the time and experience to advise patients how to live their everyday life as a diabetic. What I needed was someone to help me learn to be a diabetic! That’s when I found Marianne Tetlow. Her website gave me her credentials and I made contact. I thought to myself before the first meeting, “do I really need a diabetic coach and will she think I’m stupid with my silly questions?” Wow! I sure did need Marianne as my diabetic coach! She answered every question with understanding, knowledge and empathy. You could tell she had walked this walk. She has been a ball of energy providing dietary suggestions, helping me understand A1C levels, reading BG tests and the nuances of daily life as a diabetic. My A1C is on track to be around 6.4 next month and I absolutely could not have done this without the help of Marianne.

Bob – T2 (Scottsdale, AZ)

Marianne’s helped me not only with my diabetes, but with everything! She’s been a major support for me and my parents. I cannot express how grateful I am for her. She’s shown me how amazing she truly is over the past few months that I’ve had her as my coach.

A.V. – T1, Age 17

Marianne is a woman who will be in your corner with you, provide you with much needed information about this disease, work hard for you and boost your self image during the process. She will put herself out there for you and be there when you need her. Your can count on her! I would recommend her to anyone struggling with either form of diabetes! I learned a great deal and made a new friend.

Susan M

When my mother was first diagnosed with diabetes, I turned to Marianne Tetlow. Her expertise and knowledge on the matter was a wealth of information for me to pass onto my mother. She was able to give me different ideas on eating and solid advice. This helped tremendously during this time. I would highly recommend Marianne to anyone facing diabetes


Working with Marianne has been a blessing! She makes me feel like I don’t have to live on pins and needles of the unknown and the things she has shared with me -mom to mom- has been invaluable. Makayla also feels more at ease knowing that she has someone in her life to talk to when her T1 is being more difficult than normal. At the tender age of 12, Makayla is going through the normal teenage drama and it’s great that Marianne understands “this drama” from a real and personal perspective! Marianne, too, learned she was T1 at 12 years old. They connected from day one. Marianne is an amazing woman and the fact that she can relate to my little girl AND ME, is priceless! The investment in her services are worth it as it has given me and my family peace of mind, and peace at heart. Marianne brings an understanding to this family that know one else has yet. Every T1 kid needs someone like Marianne on their life! Thanks Marianne, we love you!

Cyndi R. – (Peoria, AZ)

My name is Katie and I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 25 weeks into my pregancy. I turned to Marianne for advice, comfort and cold hard facts about my gestational diabetes and she helped me to manage my disease through diet modifications alone. My doctor provided me with loads of information and Marianne was able to explain it all to me in the most relatable terms. I left my doctors office feeling quite scared and confused and Marianne was able to calm my nerves. I can not thank her enough and would refer her services to anyone in need! Thanks for everything Marianne!

Katie – Gestational Diabetes

I met Marianne at a time in my life when I was deciding, as a diabetic woman,
whether I should try to become pregnant. It was a lingering question that had to
be decided if the time was now or never. I was getting older and more
importantly I was reaching the 16 year mark of living with diabetes. Marianne was
fantastic. Since she was already a diabetic mother, she was able to address the
challenges she faced as being a pregnant diabetic woman and her daily challenges
as being a mom and having to constantly monitor her blood sugars and her health
while taking care of an infant. We also discussed the doctors we used, our diet we
followed, and the general conditions we experienced living with diabetes. It was
great to just finally meet someone going through the same daily struggles that I
always struggled with. After our conversation, I left feeling that I was up to the
challenge of trying to have a baby. I am happy to say that I successfully made it
through pregnancy twice and I am now the mom of two amazing little girls.
Marianne helped me when I was at a cross point in my life and I will always be
thankful to her.

Robyn – T1, Mother of two

I met Marianne shortly before my son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. After
his diagnosis, Marianne stepped in with support when I needed support the most. She listened to my concerns, talked things through, provided comfort, offered advice and presented me with a list of helpful suggestions. She had walked in my son’s shoes, and because of that, she was an incredible resource for us. Marianne is warm, compassionate, understanding and knowledgeable. I will forever be grateful for Marianne’s kindness and assistance.

Heidi – Mother of T1

During Marianne’s tenure at CASY School, she demonstrated great ability to
relate to both children and parents. She was extremely effective at motivating
her students to do their best work using love and encouragement to keep them
on track. Parents loved her professionalism and enthusiasm, as well as her clear,
no nonsense communication regarding the progress of their students. During her
tenure here, I was aware of how effectively she managed her own diabetes and
I think that it is great that she will be sharing her knowledge and skill with other

John Spero – Director, CASY School