So honored to be with these kids!

Phoenix ADA Youth Ambassadors!

Phoenix ADA Youth Ambassadors!

I am truly honored to be a volunteer with the Phoenix American Diabetes Association! I am one of the chairs of their youth program: Youth Ambassadors/Youth Leadership Council. These kids all fund-raise, advocate, and educate about living life with diabetes. They take time out of their already busy schedules and give their time for a good cause! Every single one of these kids is unique in their interests, habits, and likes. They all care about supporting those living with diabetes. I am proud to get the opportunity to know them. They teach me as much as I hope to inspire them.
I have been a part of this group for years. Kids have gone off to college and grown up. New ones join each year. I feel connected to these kids and I love getting to know them on their terms. IMG_4806
These youth spend their time honoring community sponsors and volunteers. They fund raise for the ADA Step Out to Stop Diabetes Walk, The BAD Ride and the Tour de Cure. They go to Washington D.C. to speak to our government. They speak to our Politicians of Arizona. They encourage other kids, and inspire many by being examples of hope.

They also are typical kids with the same cares and concerns of so many. They face the challenge of living with a chronic illness that demands their attention, time, commitment, fear, and tolerance. This is more than the average teen must endure. They do it well!

November was Diabetes Awareness Month. For our December meeting, we had a party. Even at my old age, it is hard to live with diabetes. It has been a difficult year. The surest way I know to feel better is to do good for others. My gift was a party for these kids. I wanted them to have the same feeling. We spent the entire month of November raising funds for our cause. We focused on diabetes. It deserves far more attention that it receives. These kids did a great job. Their life is not necessarily better after a month of hard work. There is no cure.

These kids that live with diabetes made treat bags for those less fortunate; kids their same age, trafficked, abused, or homeless. They are appreciative and grateful of those that contribute to their own cause. They also are kind enough to give back as they can. They deserve a party. Most of the time they don’t enjoy a party as most would.IMG_4795

These kids can all eat candy, make gingerbread houses, and have a big lunch spread for a holiday gathering. They just need some help knowing what they are eating. These awesome kids can build some serious gingerbread houses and they can figure out the carbohydrate count after they finish. Oh, if only the regular population could do the same! IMG_4835

These kids struggle like everyone else. They work harder than most kids. They tolerate bullying and scrutiny at every turn. These kids are fierce and I am so proud to be able to hang out with them and get to know them. They teach me at every meeting. If you know a person living with diabetes, make sure they have some diabetes support! You can find a group like this at any age! IMG_4810

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