I am amazed by my clients!

551120_425364884168066_346530772_nI can’t begin to express how proud I am of my clients! It should be noted that I am not proud of their lower lab results necessarily (I admit that is great), but I am proud of the effort and attitude that it took to achieve these lab results. I am ecstatic to report that several of my clients have lowered the HbA1C lab results by significant levels. I actually can understand what truly signifies a “statistical significance” and these clients have gone there! A1Cs have dropped all over the board as 2015 is beginning. I have had some T2 diabetic clients drop from 9.4-8.3 in only one month! Try to imagine the three month average! I have had several teens that dropped from 11.5 to 9.8! I have a T1 teen drop from 7.1 to 6.3. I have a T2 drop into the 6 level from a 9! This is great news!

These clients have done more than just lower their BG levels over a period of 3 months. They have renewed their spirits. They have dared to imagined that they can believe in themselves again! They have gained a sense of empowerment against this beast named diabetes! These clients have taken physical steps to remind them to test, correct, cover or bolus, and pay more attention to the infinite details that apply to a diabetic’s daily life! This is no easy feat. Endocrinologists, parents, families, and CDE’s need to take note of the enormity of this challenge!

This dedication is nearly impossible to sustain long term. Diabetes impacts us 24/7. There is no pause button. It is hard. It is vicious. It is relentless! Humans are only built to maintain the level of dedication it takes to control this disease for brief periods. We all cave. We all give in. We all get overwhelmed. This is normal. The challenge is to gut up and try again. This is much easier said than done!

My clients need so many varied types of help. Some need a coach that can identify with them and their lifestyle. Some clients need meal prep in their homes. Some clients need grocery shopping and meal planning. Some need advice about diet. Others need advice on when to test their BG’s and help interpreting those results. I attend doctor appointments with clients. I help prepare questions for clients to take into their own doctor appointments. I sit and help and hold those that want to end it all. I tell the angry ones that it is ok to feel that way. I am angry too. I show others that a healthy and productive life is possible! I help families communicate on a better level. Parents want to help their kids. The kids don’t want to disappoint their parents and physicians. Somehow and somewhere in the translation the intent gets lost. Anger, lies, and tears emerge instead. It can be worked out. It needs to be reframed. It can be done.

This life with diabetes is a beast! These clients are not only surviving, but thriving in their efforts! The BG number is simply that, a number. The numbers matter in the long run, but more importantly it is the effort that matters! We can’t get our numbers right all the time, but we can remember to jump back in this daily game and give it our best for that moment. Each moment that follows is an opportunity to take this disease and control it rather than let it control us.

I am proud of my clients! They have called to say, “Thank you” to me. I tell them sincerely, that I didn’t do it. They achieved these great numbers. They are the only ones that can! They need to be reminded that the numbers are great, but the level of effort is even greater! I am honored to know these individuals and their stories! May they continue to inspire me as I live out each day!
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