Get Ready!

IMG_0620I am excited to announce a new blog post from CVS Pharmacies and their diabetes product line coming soon. Stay tuned for a new newsletter, a give-away from CVS, and a few new noteworthy topics! I have taken a well deserved rest this summer. Most diabetics need to remember when and where it is appropriate to take a break. This past summer was a much needed break for myself. I needed to rest, recharge, re-prioritize my health goals, and focus on the things I want to accomplish. I am happy to say that I am ready!
I am back! I have gotten some rest, which many of us seem to fail to realize is such a necessary thing! I am ready to help clients and tackle new challenges. My body is ready to assist me in these endeavors. We all need a respite for these things and I have renewed strength! Follow me, “Join” my newsletter on my website, and get ready for an amazing new cycle of beneficial information! I am excited to announce some new health goals for all with diabetes, new paths for teens to take, and new technology and inspiration to help us all!

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