CVS ExtraCare Advantage for Diabetes

I have spent the past two weeks trying to update all of my prescriptions, mail order pharmacy timelines, and warranty information for all of my various diabetes devices, etc. I am wiped out from the phone calls, the confusion, and the waiting. I have spoken with some great people over the phone and yet I still feel completely isolated on this trek. I miss the time in my life when I knew my pharmacist! I am not trying to be nostalgic. I am all in for modern day advances and conveniences. However, anyone living with diabetes knows that we need a team. I need to feel more confident in my supplies, organization, and shopping for my care. So get ready CVS, here I come!

I have decided to take a challenge and see if I can ease the stress and running around town in search of quality and low cost diabetes supplies! My family and I are going to use CVS pharmacies for the next three months! This does not include my Dexcom CGM or my T:Slim pump supplies. However, this does include prescriptions, testing supplies, low blood glucose remedies, snacks, and the use of CVS online services. I have joined ExtraCare advantage for Diabetes online and am determined to stick with a program to reap some benefits!

I went online and signed up for their app, which was easy. I went into a store to see how easy it would or would not be to get everything switched over from a competitor. Like many others, I require several prescriptions and getting the auto refill is a much needed service. The pharmacist was nice and efficient. She asked if I wanted all the bells and whistles, such as to be notified by text for updates, etc. I signed up for all of these perks.

I plan to use the CVS App to manage my reminders and hopefully keep better track of my prescriptions and prescription history. I also plan to use it to pull out and work with my endocrinologist during future appointments. I recommend that clients take in lists with prescriptions and questions to their physicians. I am hoping to use their app to help with this.

I am excited to report that I have been using the CVS/pharmacy Advanced Glucose Meter and test strips. Each time that I have used it I have simultaneously used my One Touch Verio IQ meter. So far the results are extremely comparable. I now will be looking at most of the CVS products and comparing price, quantity, and quality across several retailers.

I have used store brands before, but have not had the same positive results from glucose testing. I am anxious to compare the glucose tablet products that they offer as well. After years of eating glucose tablets, then mainly using food sources for simple sugar fixes, I have returned to preferring glucose tablets or gel as a portable and lower calorie option. I also am looking forward to utilizing the ExtraCare Advantage program to see discounts on all of these products.



I am ready to see if I can get that old feeling back with my pharmacy. I love to use the advanced technology options and am ready to see if I can consolidate and save some money. Follow my trek on this blog and hopefully I’ll be able to provide some good news soon. Meanwhile, browse their products on-line and stop in and don’t hesitate to actually speak to the pharmacy staff instead of just giving them the name on your prescription! Stay Tuned!#CVSHealthySolutions

All The Best,
Marianne Tetlow
The Diabetes Coach

Disclosure: I’m proud to partner with CVS/pharmacy for this campaign. I am being sponsored by CVS/pharmacy for my posts and activities, but all opinions expressed are my own, ans all product claims or program details shared should be verified at or with the appropriate manufacturers.

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