The Diabetes Coach and Friends For Life 2015!


This has been a wonderful opportunity for type 1 diabetics! This conference is helping so many of those PWD living with T1! The sessions have been great and the people have been even better. Topics on Diabetes Research, Psychosocial issues, College, Adult T1, Legal and Advocacy, and Science all in one location! This diabetes coach is impressed!

I am thankful for Children with Diabetes and Walt Disney World for hosting such an amazing and supportive conference. My session on “Support Through Social Media” presented by both Kerri Sparling of Six Until Me, and Scott Johnson of, was both humorous and informative. The breakout on Taking Type 1 Overseas- Volunteering in Cambodia was insightful and invigorating simultaneously. Parenting Your Tween presented by Korey Hood, PhD, Adam Town, BSN, RN, and Ken Rodenheiser, BSN, RN, again confirmed that the reason I chose to be a diabetes coach still exists! The tough times are easier when you walk through it with someone that has been there! Technology changes and improves. Our emotions are still very similar to what we felt in the past and will feel in the future. Diabetes is tough. We can do this! We are not defined by our disease, although it is still a part of us! We Got This!

Stay tuned for more topics on newest research updates, life with a diabetic spouse, support for the T1 for the long haul, autoimmunity, the artificial pancreas update, and so much more! Support this event! I encourage you to attend next year!

All The Best,
Marianne Tetlow
The Diabetes Coach


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