t:slim out and about: running errands, sleeping, and exercising

After being trained on my t:slim insulin pump yesterday, I have a few notes. After the training session, I had a client meeting and carpool pick up. I then went to run some errands during soccer practice, and experienced my first night of sleep with my new t:slim pump! This morning I did school drop off and took a two mile walk with my dog. Here is what I thought.
-First of all, I love that it is smaller than the Medtronic. Once you add the belt clip it is not as noticeable, but the less baggage I have to wear, the better.
-I love the color screen! This was one of the very first points that I was told about. Originally, I was not impressed. I thought, “Big Deal. Why would I need color?” Well, I am eating my words. I like it!
-I love the touch screen. I admittedly do not have a reason for this. I might even need to improve my learning curve with using a touch screen. I think kids will be much more adept than an old lady like myself!
-The Belt clip situation. I love that the clip is attached to the entire unit. I have been through more “attached” belt clips with the Medtronic than I care to admit. Even in the “locked” position it would come off, etc.
- Timing. I was originally concerned about a touch screen. I didn’t want it to get bumped automatically and bolus. I do not see this being a problem at all. There are several confirmations to prevent this from happening. Despite the several steps, it still seems to take less time to operate than the Medtronic.

-I miss the middle length tubing that Medtronic offers. This probably varies from person to person and size to size. I am a5’9″, so a small child would feel differently. I did not notice during the day. I noticed while sleeping. I quit using the long Medtronic tubing, because it was too bulky and got tangled during my movements. The short tubing was too short for me to roll over in my sleep without pulling. The middle option was perfect! T:slim does not offer a mid length tubing. Now, I may be a rambunctious sleeper. It also depends if I am sleeping with my pump clipped to a waistband or if I decide to let it just sleep in the bed with me. I will still test this out to see if it is a deal breaker. Sounds silly, but I do not think that anyone with T1 diabetes sleeps as well as they should; so every minute counts in my book!
-The tubing feels “top heavy”. This will not be a concern if you have used the Animas Ping. They use similar tubing that “connects” mid tube. The Medtronic tubing was one continuous line. When wearing on the waistband, this connection point does not tuck down into my pants/skirt/shorts as easily as the Medtronic pump did. Admittedly, this could also be user error and I will get the hang of it.
-The belt clip. I love it being lighter. That being said, my Medtronic felt more secure in the belt clip position. After a two mile walk this morning, I kept thinking it felt top heavy. It could be the elastic in my workout pants is shot! It might be something I do not notice as I go throughout the day. I didn’t recall it yesterday afternoon. Also, I think the Medtronic clip might be better positioned for my tastes. It is anchored closer to the end. This made it stay closer to my body. Again, it might just be this morning. I reserve the right to continue experimenting!

Those are my notes from the first few outings. I am still happy with the t:slim and I might change my mind on some of these as the days go by. I do know that absolutely no pump as the perfect system. I also am a firm believer that people need various types of pumps during different stages of their lives. I also know that the learning curve with each pump is always there. For example, filling, priming and inserting my pump, used to take the entirety of my kitchen table and a good chunk of time! Now, I could do all this at a red light probably! These statements are simply my observations before I have even completed a 24 hr. period. I hope this helps some people that are considering which pump to try!
A few additional notes: t:slim does offer a 30 day period to see if you are satisfied. If not, send it back and get your forms to another pump company. Others may offer the same, just something I think is nice if starting a pump for the first time! Also nice to know before you lock into a 4 year contract!

To Be Continued. . .
Marianne Tetlow

The Diabetes Coach

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