The Youth Ambassadors of the ADA


Leadership Skill Training

I am so proud to be a volunteer with the Phoenix American Diabetes Association! I get the opportunity to work with some great employees, volunteers, kids and families. These impressive Youth Ambassadors are working together to spread awareness, advocacy and most importantly are having fun doing so.

Showing off her new Type 1 Tattoo. Do you think this is better than Medic Alert?

Showing off her new Type 1 Tattoo. Do you think this is better than Medic Alert?

I love getting a chance to witness these kids that carry many of the same emotions that I do as a person living with diabetes (PWD). The age does not discriminate on the emotions with which we live. I however, love getting a fresh perspective on the youth of today. The technology is newer, the awareness at schools is more developed, the regimen of life with diabetes is more accurate, flexible and simply easier to prevent and manage complications.


Not letting Diabetes Stop His Dreams

Please do not misunderstand me; Diabetes is not easy. Diabetes is serious. Not taking control of your life with diabetes can lead to major complications and it is just plain scary! These kids though, remind me that it can be done. They are achieving so much in their own lives at school, sports, academics and diabetes awareness.


Promoting Fundraising events for the ADA


Having Fun!

Help those that you know living with a chronic condition that it can be done. Support is crucial. Volunteering is essential and these kids are proving that life with diabetes is not controlling them!

Support those that live with diabetes. Support your local American Diabetes Association! They are truly making a difference in the lives of those that live with diabetes and those that care about them!

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