The ABC’s of Menu Planning – Success!


I want to thank everyone that came to our first seminar on the ABC’s of Diabetes and Menu Planning! The ABC Seminar Series is just that: The Basics. This series presented in collaboration with Chef Steve Norton is meant to help people menu plan, shop, prepare and eat healthy simple meals. This is not just for people living with¬†diabetes. These are simple and healthy recommendations that can help anyone wanting to eat healthy! We had a mix of T1, T2, support persons and those that did not have diabetes, but wanted to learn more about making eating healthier fit into busy lifestyles!

I admit that from a leadership position, it can be challenging to address all of the areas that people want to cover about their own lives, goals and personal eating habits. Steve and I hope to make this helpful, informative and motivating. We will always try to send our attendees home with a packet of information to follow up reading, a list of helpful apps, books, or websites, an outline and a recipe or two.

We will try to always have time to meet each other, ask questions and give some personal perspective of our own. We also encourage you to arrive with questions ready. We will write down the questions to be anonymous and then spend some time answering.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting new faces and seeing some familiar ones. I think Steve’s omelet recipe is great!. (I admit, I still have trouble actually flipping the omelet over perfectly!) My specialty is scrambled eggs! I don’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen or planning, so coming to terms with some of these simple solutions is key for me!

Even if you missed the first session on menu planning, go ahead and sign up for the second in our series on food prep! Down the line we will cover all types of topics, flavoring and seasoning, eating out, school and workplace food, being a guest at another location and more!

This was a great start! I look forward to our second ABC Series Seminar that will be held at St. Anthony on the Desert Episcopal Church in Scottsdale, AZ on Wednesday, Feb. 12th from 6-8 p.m. Please register your seat under the “Events” tab!



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