Teens with Diabetes Bowling Event

I know that summer in Phoenix has the tendency to drive people out of the city. Phoenicians flock to the Mogollon Rim or cooler climates elsewhere. The Diabetes Coach was fortunate to have teens and kids attending this year’s summer events. Although this was intended to be a teens only event, I opened it up for siblings as well. There was a nice sized crowd, lots of fun bowling, and some good food provided by Dave and Buster’s.IMG_2481
I loved seeing these kids with Type 1 diabetes in Phoenix get together and have fun! I think I ended up checking my blood sugar more than these kids did that particular day. It wasn’t about the diabetes so much. It was about the bowling and fun! We had kids with diabetes and teens with diabetes attend from all over the valley. I am glad to know there is interest, even in the summertime! IMG_2476 I am looking forward to more kids and teens activities as the temperatures cool and school schedules are underway. Diabetes help in Phoenix is here and can be fun!

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