Refrigerator Prep: I Just Don’t Have Time!

I loved my morning! I had the opportunity to purchase, wash, prep, and store healthy food for someone that doesn’t have the time to do it themselves. People living with either T1 diabetes, T2 diabetes, or those living without diabetes, that just want to keep their families healthy benefit from healthy refrigerators! Fridge bins looked like this before:IMG_2576
When the fridge is cleaned it is appealing. When healthy foods are prepared and ready for use, it helps the entire family eat better. If families live with type 1 diabetes, I would have labeled the grams of carbohydrates in each serving. When kids want an afternoon snack, send them to this area instead of the pantry. Have some veggies and dip, fresh fruit and water. After they fill up on these, then offer the packaged product if they are still hungry. IMG_2583


Most people I know that want to try to eat healthier, start by hitting the healthy aisles of the store. By the time that they arrive home and unload everything, someone else or something else is calling for their attention. They only have enough time to throw things in the refrigerator and then try later. When I take the time to wash and prep all the food, they get eaten. Nobody wants to snack on the broccoli if they have to wash and cut it before they can use it for dipping and snacking!
I love having fresh fruit with fiber ready to grab instead of processed carbs when needed! I love this part of my job! I help with this process for those living with diabetes or even those that do not! Make your choices easier to grab!IMG_2588


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