My New T:Slim

Yesterday I was trained on my new T:Slim insulin pump. I must admit that a personal friend (also a T:slim rep) introduced me to this new touch screen pump. I also want to commend the T:Slim pump rep and the trainer that I just met. She came to my house for the session to make sure I know all the ins and outs of my new pump. I have had great customer service.

I have been a loyal Medtronic pump user for years. I have tried saline versions of almost all the pumps. Currently, I am excited to try another pump for the long term. It must be noted that the Medtronic rep that instructed me in sending my old pump back to them because I was changing brands, was more than courteous and helpful! I also met with two Medtronic reps to show me all the new ins and outs of their product line. They were extremely knowledgeable and having one integrated system is not to be underrated!

I am excited to have my first 24 hr experience and see all the pros and cons while all the changes are fresh in my mind! I’ll let you know what I come up with!
Marianne Tetlow
The Diabetes Coach

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