My Love/Hate Relationship with Food

How do I begin to describe this twisted relationship with food that I have acquired and accepted? Living with diabetes, I know that food management is crucial to my overall health. I truly believe that people have the power to guide their bodies to their best health by fueling it with the proper ingredients. I just get completely fed up having to think about it all the time!
From the diabetes perspective, I love how healthy food makes me feel energized, positive and accomplished. I love how eating a healthy, balanced and relatively lower carbohydrate menu (at this time in my life) gives me a sense of steadiness, and positive blood work every quarter. I hate how the slightest misstep in calculating my food can make my Blood Glucose (BG) Levels swing or how the one extra bite or two, of a favorite carbohydrate makes me feel guilty. I hate how I feel that most people watch what I am eating. This may or may not be true at this point in my life, but I still “feel that they observe me” most of the time.
From the parenting perspective, I love how healthy food sustains my family. I love how my increasing knowledge of healthy food enables me to raise a healthy child in a world of mostly unhealthy food producers and consumers. I love that my diligence in providing healthy food is “mostly” well received by my child. I hate that this is an uphill, ongoing, constant battle. I hate how the “regular” population overloads families on processed food. Although my head knows that this is not optimal, my over-scheduled life still leans toward this practice as it seems easiest.
I have been teaching and learning so much about a healthier relationship with food through Chef Steve Norton. The on-going ABC Series is an invigorating one. I have been reminded of some simple strategies of how to keep my refrigerator and pantry organized and healthy. I have been reinvigorated about menu planning and making the time to make this Food business a priority for my own life and those that I care about. It is just as hard as scheduling in time to work out, shop or finish the laundry. It must be done and it must be a priority. I love that we have people living without diabetes attending these sessions. They simply want easy tips to eat more healthy and live an easier lifestyle. Session 3: Seasonings and Flavorings is being held this Saturday. We will continue throughout the next few months.
I have been so invigorated by this series, that I want to announce a “Save The Date” for the Fall of 2014. Chef Steve Norton and I will launch an entire Workshop series on healthy food.
This series is helping me, my BG levels, my schedule, my family and easing my “hate” portion of my love/hate relationship with food. I will always need to juggle my food management. I highly recommend getting a brush up or refresher course to invigorate your own relationship with food. We all have been told what to do, but making it work in our lives is another story altogether! Come join us and get motivated!
— Marianne Tetlow

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