I love my job!

I am so grateful to have a job that I love. Don’t get me wrong, I do not always love living with diabetes, but I love what I get to do in my job. What an incredible blessing to be able to share our lives.

I thank those of you that have been in attendance at the ABC’s of Food and Diabetes series. I truly love getting to meet people, hear their stories, listen to their concerns and laugh! I love the laughter! It helps us heal, gather strength and charge forward!

I thank Steve Norton for his time, energy and crucial input concerning food. He is a delight to hear. He is clever and passionate about food. He has inspired me to take a new look at food. After so many decades of having a negative relationship with food, food preparation, carbohydrate counting and the simple exhaustion of it all; I have turned over a new leaf! I am not going to jump out and start baking for Heaven’s sake, but get a bit inspired in my menu planning perhaps? You Bet!

Come and join us for our next session! Check out the Events page and register!

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