I love a great diabetes support group!

IMG_2370I send out a huge thank you to all of you that came to the Scottsdale diabetes support group. I especially thank those that traveled to be there. Yes, I consider Ahwahtukee to Scottsdale, a trip! I enjoyed the evening so much and I thank the participants.
I love leaving a group where the vibe is positive. Hearing kids playing in the background, yelling a carb counting reminder across the room, and parents that are so engrossed in conversation that we run over time is a good thing! We covered a great deal of information for all in attendance.
I loved hearing all the stories. I thought we covered a good deal about the challenges of life with diabetes in family/friends relationships, physician relationships, and dietary adherence. We never got to the mobility/portability issues though. I love hearing the gratitude toward the physicians that aid us in our journey. I appreciate the honesty of the trials of doctor/patient relationships. I appreciate the honest discussion of pumps and CGM performance. I offer a thank you to Drs. Perelman, Hanke, Dajani, and PCH. I also found the discussion about Dexcom and their customer service/policies interesting. I found the camp life comparisons illuminating. I am grateful for these honest opinions and contributions to the group! I hope that the more experienced parents helped the newly diagnosed families. I hope the type 2s using insulin learned a bit more about their condition. I hope that both the type 1 and 2 participants left better educated about the others’ condition. The education should never stop for either of these conditions!
I look forward to the next support group for diabetes in Mesa, AZ on July 15th from 4-6. Check out the events page to rsvp!

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