Help for insulin injection and pump site rotation! Tartoos!

I think I am going to love these new Tartoos! These are removable tattoos that help children (or those adults with diabetes that just get stuck in a rut) rotate injection sites properly. They are advertised as cute, customizable, and easy. Several major medical facilities are using these such as; The University of Chicago, Barbara Davis, and Philadelphia Children’s. The life of people with diabetes is getting easier to manage and I am excited to be testing out these Tartoos in some of my groups.
If you live with diabetes, you have heard that it is important to pay attention to injection site rotation. There are numerous strategies to accomplish this. There are proven reasons to follow these strategies. Injecting in the same site leads to the build up of scar tissue. This in turn leads to tissue that is difficult to process the insulin injected. This can lead to altered insulin peak and duration times, causing unpredictable hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic reactions. Don’t even get me started on how it personally feels to inject insulin in the same area one too many times. It can be painful, lead to bruising, hard lumps, and basically not attractive looking skin. I have used many methods to keep the sites moving. There is the clock method, the “W” shape method, the “M” shaped method and of course rotating from the left to right sides of my body continually.

As the education about living a healthy lifestyle with diabetes grows, especially type 1 diabetes, so does the number of injections. If you have diabetes, you are basically trying to mimic the healthy functioning of the pancreas organ. With current technology, that includes either living with an insulin pump, Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM), or living on Multiple daily injections (MDIs). This means better control, hopefully leading to fewer complications, and overall improved health. More daily injections and wearing 3-7 day insertion sites can make your skin sensitive and looking like a pin cushion for sure!

Come and join us in the East Valley/ Mesa on Tuesday, August 19th at the Mesa Main Library from 4:00 – 6:00 pm
to sample these Tartoos and help your little ones master site rotation!

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