Follow up to my t:slim review

Ok, I am now officially into the routine of wearing my t:slim insulin pump! I still love the touch screen! I still love the color on the screen! The time that it takes to insert a new site and confirm bolus options has decreased significantly! This simply means that it doesn’t take me long to operate this thing!

I have gotten the hang of tucking the connection tubing piece behind the pump itself when I wear the pump clipped to the front of my bra. If I do not wear the clip case, then it is too difficult to remove quickly. If I do not tuck the connection piece of the tubing behind the pump, it looks pretty odd through my t-shirt. Alien boobs!

The site is more comfortable than what I was wearing with my Medtronic. I have not had any problems with the adhesive. I love the USB charging and not having to tote around batteries in my testing kit, purse, car, or all over my home! I somehow feel that I am using my correction factor more often. I do not know why, but it seems easier or more accessible for me to just top off my insulin to pull me down into a tighter range. I know that most all of the pumps have this feature, but for some reason I am using this one more often.

The things that I am not happy with are only concerning the clip case. I like the idea that the clip case can be worn “topless” as they call it. Basically the clip case can stay attached and because one end is off, the pump can just be slipped out. I like this feature when wearing it on my hip. I like the pump in the entire case when I wear it clipped to my bra. When inserting a new infusion set, I have to remind myself to remember to put the top part on before I actually connect the connector tubing in order to save an extra step later. If I forget, it is still doable, but let’s face it– diabetes makes each of us take enough “steps” in a 24 hr. period that I want to limit mine as much as possible! The other thing is that I am not happy still with the “top heavy” feel of the clip case. I falls over and feels loose to me. Also, once you put the clip case on, it doesn’t seem so thin and small as before. It seems to be the size of every other pump.
A friend recommended some additional clip options, so I will be testing these out soon. The only annoyance is that I would have to purchase another item to replace the clip that I already paid for when I bought the pump. This is frustrating.

Another thing that I will get used to is reviewing the average of my Total Daily Dose (TDD) instead of each day at a time. I focus a great deal on my TDD. I try to keep my daily insulin dose as low as possible at this point in my life. With the t:slim, I can only look at the total for that day or an average for the past 7, 14, or 30 day period. I will adjust to using the 7 day average soon enough, but I haven’t completely transferred from being able to look at today’s total vs. yesterday and so on.

More to come. . .

Marianne Tetlow
The Diabetes Coach

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