Events for children living with diabetes in Phoenix

Living with diabetes, especially type 1 diabetes, should include a healthy amount of support. As a child, teen, or young adult with diabetes, it is more challenging to control blood glucose levels and emotional levels. Children and teens are overloaded with emotions! It is hard enough to juggle school, social groups, academics, sports, relationships, and family without the added burden of life with diabetes. Getting the support your child needs is crucial.
Many of the families dealing with diabetes in young adults try to eliminate the difference between their children and those not living with diabetes. It is important to not let life with diabetes define us. It is not necessary to have diabetes support be the primary focus of your child’s life. It is however, a necessary component.

Diabetes is not going anywhere anytime soon. Life with diabetes does affect most every aspect of our lives. We are usually proud to say that is doesn’t control us. That can be a true statement. Balancing all of the aspects of life with diabetes is part of conquering the control issue. Ignoring these is not healthy. Only addressing diabetes support when there is a problem is not beneficial for the long term.

Diabetes is a life long chronic illness. Support should be lifelong as well. Make support for your child a regular part of life with diabetes. Find a positive support system that includes other kids with diabetes, professionals, education, and fun. Positive support for life with diabetes is important as athletic activities, school programs, and activities centered around the arts in your child’s life. Make it a regular part of the schedule.

If your child lives with diabetes in the Phoenix, Arizona area, register your child for one of The Diabetes Coach events this summer. Sign up for a teens event or a children’s event. They will meet others living with diabetes, participate in a fun activity that is not centrally focused on diabetes, and know that there are more kids around them with similar challenges. Life with diabetes can be a healthy life. Support contributes to a healthy life! See you there!

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