Diabetes and the Celebrity News! Usher and the many others that promote diabetes awareness! I Thank You!

Only a few celebrities seemed to talk about life with diabetes when I was diagnosed. I could not relate to either of them at the time. Mary Tyler Moore and Wilford Brimley were great advocates of diabetics living with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. They were older. They didn’t seem to be facing the same struggles that most of the people I knew living with diabetes were facing.

Why did celebrities with diabetes cross my mind today? I was on my way to see a new client this afternoon. This person was recently diagnosed and in the “shock” phase that so many of us have experienced. I remembered that my own mother (although I am a grown up with a child of my own); still worries about me as a daughter and a diabetic. I decided to text her the information about where I was and how I was at that point and time. When I meet with a new client and specifically a new TID (PWD), I can’t help but think of my immediate support system during my own diagnosis. That will always be my mother and my grandmother.

So chatting with my mom on the drive (verbal text – so that I was not distracted while driving. I have no idea how the grammar and punctuation went!) My mother told me that Usher had announced that his son had been diagnosed as a T1 this past year. I used to watch morning television, but it has been quite some time since I have. I am so busy teaching, meeting with people and speaking that I have no idea what is going on in the real world besides diabetes!

I am thankful to those like Bret Michaels, the many Olympic athletes, The entertainers like Nick Jonas and now Usher that help spread the awareness of diabetes. There are many others that I have not mentioned, but if you are anyone with knowledge about diabetes(that includes all of us regular people), please help educate others about diabetes. This eliminates bullying, prejudice and discrimination!
I know that celebrities are simply real people under the spotlight. If they are diagnosed or have a child that has been diagnosed, it does not matter their career. They and their families go through all of the same emotions that we all did! They have a great platform to help spread awareness. That gives us the possible chance for understanding and perhaps a cure!

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