Diabetes 504 Plan East Valley/Mesa Support Group

I love this group! We might be a small group from time to time, but what a cohesive group we are indeed! Tonight was a perfect example of T1′s sharing information, experiences, and real world perspective to help those understand the 504 plan process here in Arizona. It was a great contribution of perspectives from parents, T1s, a T1 preschool teacher, and a T1 high school teacher.
I want to say a big thank you to Anne Dennis and the Phoenix American Diabetes Association for helping to supply free programs and information to others about the 504 plan process. I wish those of you beginning a new school year with a type 1 child, much success. Prayers go to you for strength, perseverance, and a safe journey for your little ones! IMG_2408
Don’t forget to RSVP for our kids and teens events this week. Sunday, July 20th for kids age 7-12 at Me the Artist and Wednesday, July 23rd for teens age 13+ at Dave and Busters! RSVP so I can make a headcount! See you there!

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