Considerate Clients


I am truly honored to have such amazing clients. I love getting to know the client and their family if I get the chance. Part of my responsibility as a coach is to know more about my client than simply what their BG numbers look like. It is important that I know each of them to a degree. I need to know how they live and how they feel. I can help someone better when I know their lifestyle, routine and even their beliefs. Knowing my clients in greater detail is how I can best understand their needs, desires, and levels of motivation.
I love my clients and I am thrilled that some of them choose to get to know me as well! I am honored to be asked to help individuals, couples, and families! Mostly I am thanked by their improved health or happiness! Sometimes I come home to a thank you of a different kind! A client and his wife sent this to me in gratitude! What a lovely expression. It was certainly not necessary! I hope that I am able to continue to serve them as they may need! I have the most considerate clients! I thank you.

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