Bridgeway Health Solutions: Health and Wellness Fair

Great Music!

Great Music!

It was a nice two days at Arizona Bridge to Independent Living’s Health and Wellness Fair at Spofit! It was nice not to be the rookie this year, but a seasoned veteran. I met so many incredible people: survivors, achievers, volunteers, activists and concerned citizens. What a change!
I am always amazed at the Disability Empowerment Center’s facility. It is one of a kind. I truly have never seen a better facility for the disabled or those in need! I give a huge thank you to David Carey from ABIL, Leanne and Jay Murrillo, and April from Spofit for letting me be a part of this event. I have met great contacts, met incredible people, and I have met those in need of diabetes lifestyle help!

I have never seen such amazing technology and public services in action. To say the least, I have never seen such a variety of service dogs in one place. There were “hearing dogs”, Service Dogs”, “Seeing Dogs”, etc. There were not however, Diabetic Service Dogs.IMG_2101

I had the chance to meet amazing people and teach a great class on the basics of diabetes. I was able to provide a great Kale Salad recipe and some great tips to those living with diabetes. I had an enjoyable time! I thank you ABIL and Spofit!

I was asked for the umpteenth time to host a support group in the North West
Valley of Phoenix. I will tackle this and let you know when I have a confirmed support group in the area.

This week was a huge culmination point for me. I found some long lost friends, met some new ones that wanted assistance, and met new ones that needed immediate help! I am proud to be The Diabetes Coach and was proud to be a part of ABIL and Bridgeway’s Solutions Health and Wellness Fair! IMG_2107



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