Wil Power Challenge: Helping children shape their lives

There is an amazing organization that is combatting the growing incidence of childhood obesity. Wil Power Challenge is completely free for participants age 10-14. These participants must have a referral from a physician and have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 85th percentile or above.

This is a challenge and a competition. There are fun incentives and program incentives. This challenge includes weekend workouts, cooking classes and grocery store tours.

This challenge consists of three 1 hr workouts per week. Parents must attend at least one of these each week. There are dieticians, fitness trainers and nutrition classes and motivational seminars for 4 weeks.

I was honored to participate in a Childhood Obesity Intervention and Prevention Town Hall. I heard amazing stories of kids and families transitioning their lives. I met school nurses, coaches and prinicpals that had made dramatic changes in their schools, attendance, grades/test scores and overall health.

The even more interesting thing was that these changes are helping more than just the individual child. These healthy habits are changing families and enitre schools, not just the obese.

I was energized by this charged and passionate group that is not only talking about this growing problem, but actually taking steps to change it.  Consider devoting resources to this group. If you can volunteer, fund or find a sponsorship opportunity it may benefit many. Please visit www.wilpowerchallenge.com

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