Why is it so difficult to Beat the Burnout of Living with Diabetes?

IMG_0634We all get burned out living with diabetes! It is relentless keeping up with time schedules, testing times, grams of carbohydrates and insulin dosages. If that isn’t difficult enough, don’t forget then to also take into account each varying schedule for each and every day! Take into account the financial burden of this disease. Think about how the emotions impact your family, parents, children and siblings. Think about the fear of uncontrolled blood glucose levels. Are you remembering the times where you forgot your meter, glucose tablets or ran out of the house with only one testing strip left in the vial for the entire day? What about getting low during a test or during a presentation at work? How many times have you been high and had to stop, slow down, and miss a little of your normal day? Oh, and add in ANY fluctuating hormone in your body to the mix and it all goes haywire!

Burnout happens to all of us. It happens to our families. You are not alone. I was carefully instructed to never use my diabetes as a “crutch”. I don’t think I ever have. I wish that I had been allowed to just acknowledge how hard it can be and that I couldn’t always keep up. This is not my mother’s fault. It was my own self imposed rules and regulations. It is hard to keep up with all of this and then it is even more difficult to handle the “rough days”. Let’s be honest, How many days are not rough? Not many, right?

Burnout happens because we are trying! It happens because we care! Burnout happens because this is a 24/7 disease. There is no pause button, we are in a constant state of “watch” by others. We are also in a constant state of “judgment” by ourselves and others. We are judged on our daily blood glucose testing, our quarterly HA1C results, the number on the scale, the hemorrhages or lack of, in our retinas, our circulation and the condition of our skin, just to name a few.

I was impressed during our last Beating Diabetes Burnout session with Anne Nelson RPh, and her insightful views on beating burnout. While I tend to get emotional and personal with each and every speech I give; she is direct and has remarkable knowledgeable in her consensus of life with diabetes. There are some amazing tactics to dealing with the issues of burnout. Let’s face it, we all have it. It doesn’t matter if diabetes affects us, our kids, our spouse or others. Everyone can face a degree of burnout.

Anne, Thank you for your desire to help spread awareness and offer solutions. I enjoyed the humor, the friendship and the raw emotion that was expressed during this event.

I will close by letting you know of some great comedy that can help in times of burnout! Take a look, know that you are not alone and share with another that lives with diabetes!




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