The Holiday Rush is On!

We just passed Halloween and the rush in on towards Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas. The schedules are getting booked and the pace is going fast. Remember to take time to appreciate yourself and your own body during this time! I know, I know- that sounds kind of silly, but it is not.

This body of yours, even if flawed in some ways, is remarkable. It carries you through each and every day. It gives you the ability to think, reason, make choices, help and sometimes love others. What a gift! This is something to actually be thankful for during this season.

Most of us get run down during this time of year, just trying to “gear-up” for all of the upcoming madness. We are already worried about travels, family and schedules. We also worry about how we look and our weight. We sometimes forget to address how we feel. We all know we are tired, but is taking care of yourself worth it to you?

It is worth it to me! I wasn’t always as focused on taking the best care of myself during this time of year. I wasn’t purposely trying to harm myself, but I was busy too busy to take great care of myself. You know how we all can get. I put everyone else’s needs before my own. I wanted to be sure that I taught my family the value of sharing, giving and helping others during this time. I tried relentlessly to get the perfect gifts for those closest to me. I got warmed by the idea of the holiday time.

Then the holiday stress and fear settled in. I started to plan my weight and menu goals just to get through the holidays. I got busy! Most often, I got so busy that I was getting run down. My BG numbers were a bit off (hey, aren’t everyone’s over the holidays? there is always an excuse or two) and I was getting more frazzled and more exhausted by the day.

Nobody else had to know that I was not up to speed. I could throw a party at any minute and show up with a big smile on my face to another one the same weekend. Was I taking care of myself? Not really. I wasn’t going to an event and inhaling all the bad food, but I wasn’t thinking of my body as the gift that it is. Usually I was just perturbed with it, the look of it, the numbers on the scale and the condition of health in which it was at that time. I cared more about my holiday outfit and how our card looked than how I actually felt. I now know to take a different approach.

I now get to ease up on myself and take care of me! I have made oh so many mistakes in the past. I have made the small ones, like miscalculating carbs and forgetting to bolus and then I have made some huge ones! These are the kinds that we can’t really forgive ourselves for doing for a long long time. That is o.k.! We are human. Our bodies are fragile and they are gifts! I plan to treat mine like the gift that it is! I will schedule support groups when I need them. I will take a nap when I need to do so. I will turn of the phone and walk down the street. I will let myself have some holiday food treats, but I will be happiest when I spend the most of the meal times making the healthy food choices, that leave me feeling healthy.

I will make amends. I will move forward. I will make some healthy meals and not feel guilty about celebrating with food or drink at times over these holidays. I will remember that this body (even if flawed) is a true gift. It is not finished with me yet!

Remember to schedule fun events with your family and those that you love. More importantly schedule time for yourself. If that is alone time, schedule it. If it is volunteering, schedule it. If it is resting, schedule it. If it is healthy meal planning, exercise, support groups or a fun event- schedule it! Be happy with your body. Stop looking at it so critically and enjoy the miracle that it is (even if my old pancreas is a bust!)

Look ahead at the events that are near you and either take part or don’t. Just do what is best for you! Enjoy the Holiday Rush and be Thankful!

Join me at some of these events if they can help you! Check the events page on my website for updates and registrations!

Upcoming Events:

11/8/13 – 11/10/13: ADA at Phoenix International Raceway. Come and celebrate Ryan Reed and NASCAR! Stop by and say hello as I volunteer with the ADA on Saturday, Nov. 9th at the PIR!

11/10/13 - AZ Health and Fitness Run by Intense Racing at Reach 11 Sports Complex

11/11/13 – ABIL Surviving and Thriving with Diabetes During the Holidays! This  includes holiday recipes from 1-3 pm

11/13/13 – ABIL Diabetes Support Group 6:00 – 8:00 pm.

11/15/13 – AZ Diabetes Coalition Meeting

12/7/13 – ADA Health and Wellness Fair at Mesa Convention Center

12/11/13 – ABIL Diabetes Support Group 6:00-8:00 pm

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