Strengthen your life, health and diabetes by helping others!


I think that your emotions can determine your health.

Now, please hear me out. I am  not saying that any person with a health concern is emotionally unstable. Neither am I saying that you can cure all of your health issues with a smile and a positive attitude. However, I do think that they are connected in a big way! I know that your attitude can change the direction of the course of events in your life.

When I am down, overwhelmed or over stressed, my life with diabetes seems to take a downward turn. My BG control is a little off, my sleep is a little off and my body seems to not be as fit as I would prefer. I guess this makes sense. I might not eat the best when I am down. That is a pretty normal course of action for anyone. This in turn changes my BG levels, which affects my sleep and my energy level.

When I manage to lift my spirits the slightest bit, I am able to gain just enough traction to work on one thing. I seem to feel a bit better that I can do one thing a bit better. This at times, slowly leads to feeling better, sleeping better and being a  bit happier.


This is many times easier said than done. The one fool proof way to feel better, be happier and therefore be in better control of your life and health is a constant. Do something good for another. This does not need to take much time, cost money or be a life changing event. It is simple. Everyone needs something. Even if you feel bad, down or incapable of handling your life, heath or diabetes management, it will make you feel better to do something good for someone else. So, get out there and get to it!!

Happy and healthy emotions can lead to a happier and healthier life for both you and others.

Thank you to all of those that have helped me along this trek. I hope to continue to offer help to those as I go along this path.

Here’s Marianne and Rich Seasons 52to your health and happiness!

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