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Life with diabetes is a full time job! Living as The Diabetes Coach is proving to be one also! I hate that anyone has to live with diabetes, but I am glad that there are so many opportunities for education and support available during this time.

I have enjoyed having the opportunity to reach out to so many during the past month. Thank you to My Fit Foods, The American Diabetes Association, Arizona Bridge to Independent Living, Money Radio 1510 AM, Carol Shipman and Aging in Place in Maricopa County, Scottsdale Bible Church and Mountainside Fitness. All of these groups have either been in communication with me about education in diabetes, encouragement in health and motivation, or speaking opportunities.

I realize how many unanswered questions remain out there about life with diabetes. There is still so much confusion about the various types of diabetes, medications, dietary needs and emotional struggles. I know that so many of us get fed up with the questions, comments or lack of education that follows us everywhere. However, please remember that you have an opportunity to make it better and/or easier for the next person out there living with diabetes.

Take every ridiculous comment or question and use it as a teaching moment. I fully understand there are times when it is nearly impossible, not to mention frustrating! Use these few minutes to educate someone at a basic level about Type 1 vs. Type 2, carb counting, advocacy and rights in schools/work places and especially dietary guidelines. I mean, face it– that is where we get angered when the comments arise!

I encourage you to become a teacher of diabetes. To the best of your ability and as politely as the day will allow, educate others in a kind manner. More education means less bullying in school, less feeling like an outcast or feeling so “watched” by everyone around you! It also means less explaining and less judgment all the way around.

Also, patron, “like on Facebook” and support these above mentioned companies or organizations. They are helping to promote a healthy lifestyle!

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