My Fit Foods

I have a new love/hate relationship! I am addicted to My Fit Foods (MFF)! I have seen these locations in several states as I have been traveling. The location in Dallas, Texas was so busy, that I could barely enter through the front door. I have found the store in Gainey Ranch to be closest for me.

I love the ease, convenience and healthy way I feel when I use these meals, vitamin supplements and snacks. I know that I can also get many of these things, such as supplements, at health food stores or even drug stores. I however, like shopping in as few stores as possible. I do not have time to run around for the best sale here, the healthiest ingredients there or local produce at a particular location.
This location provides healthy, appropriate proportioned meals that can be taken to go or eaten in the store. There is minimal prep time and that is perfect for my life! All of the ingredients are high quality and so far, tasty.
My mother, my child and my husband all think they are good tasting. My husband was skeptical about the price at first. However, after looking at our dining out and grocery bill, he is much less so now.

The love/hate part of this relationship is the My Fit Cocktail. This is a daily drink consisting of water, unsweetened cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar and lemon juice. This is a great detoxify and healthy drink for your liver. Even MFF states, that clients will hate it for the first four days and then attain an acceptable attraction to this mixture. This is absolutely accurate. I had to experiment with ice cubes vs. warm, sweetener, etc. Now I can down the entire drink in a few minutes or less. I hated the taste, but loved the way I felt after getting used to it. I don’t want to miss a day now!

I urge you to check out this store or at least read through the Why’s of their 21 day challenge to better health. The reading is informative and enlightening. You might not want to adopt the entire 21 day challenge goals. However, take a chance with a few of the recommendations to start improving your health.

Also, The Diabetes Coach and Molly Hale, the nutritionist at My Fit Foods will host a Healthy Back to School Lunches and Snacks program in August! Stay tuned for details. We will provide great examples from MFF as well as things to have on hand in your pantry and things that you can prepare at home for your child as the school year approaches!

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