Letting Go of the Guilt

I cannot express how important it is to let go of your guilt. We are human. We are not perfect. Of Course, we should try to “do no harm” in our everyday lives. However,  carrying so much guilt is hurting us! If you live with diabetes, everyday you face guilt.

Letting go of the guilt is freeing. It is emotionally healing. It can be physically healing as well. The guilt of not having perfect control of your life with diabetes is overwhelming. It is defeating, depressing and restrictive. Forgive yourself for what you have done or not have done and move forward.

Think of one simple step that you want to improve about your life with diabetes. Nobody can tackle all of the steps that we have to deal with to control our life with diabetes in one attempt. Take it one step at a time. You can do one step at a time. Anyone can do one step at a time. Does that sound too simple? It is. You can do it and it is liberating!

Improve not only your life with diabetes, but also your life in general. Letting go of your guilt for past mistakes will enable you to free your efforts to improve your life one step at a time. Just give it a try and watch!

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