“I wanna see you be brave!”

I was multitasking a few minutes ago. I turned on the TV to listen Sara Bareilles’ Brave Tour on some channel. I happen to like so many different types of music, but the “Brave” Lyrics happened to pop in my mind as I was addressing a client dealing with many of the same frustrations that we all face living with diabetes.

Do we all get so frustrated by this life sometimes? Are you overwhelmed? Do you feel like you are always complaining? Do you feel that you have the right to do just that anytime that you want? Are you so tired of trying to regulate everything for your child with diabetes and still make them feel “normal” and not deprived? Are you tired of trying to be the carb counting genius and the math whiz at insulin ratios and correction factors? It can all be truly exhausting!

One of my soap boxes is trying to take every opportunity to educate others in a polite way about life with diabetes. I always feel like I hear idiotic comments. Sometimes I get hurt, upset or angry. Most of the time after all of these years, I can set those emotions aside and realize that education is the key. I simply try to hold my tongue and push through with something that I would call a teachable moment or learning opportunity!

However, while listening to these lyrics and drafting a response to a client, I realized I was giving her the permission to “Be Brave and let it all out!” That is true! We all need to “say what you want to say. . .”. However, I advise doing so with a trusted source and one that does not associate guilt with your frustrations. Get it all out of your system! Know that you deserve the right to vent and so does your child if they live with diabetes!

Then– take a deep breath and re-frame your thoughts. Then move in a positive direction. Take time to remember how uneducated you were about diabetes before a diagnosis! Be brave and let out the anger and frustrations when you need to do so. Then be brave and keep your tongue and take the awesome responsibility of helping change the world by utilizing those teachable moments in a constructive way!

All the Best -

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