I Love and Hate My Job!

I so feel like sharing! We all know that a diagnosis is not the end of the world! We know that we can take charge of diabetes! I just am amazed at how it grips my heart at times!! I love being The Diabetes Coach and yet I was dreading it this week! Thanks for listening!~
I love my job and I hate that my job needs to exist! Does that make sense?!? I am feeling relief today! A very special little 2 yr. old had fantastic fasting numbers this morning.   After supplying them with a meter and all the testing supplies, I am thrilled to learn that she will not need them on a regular basis!…   I love getting new business, but my heart was breaking for this family, should the outcome have been different!
As I have seen almost everything there is to see with this disease, whether by myself or another, I did not expect my heart to ache as it did over this trial period! Surprised at my reaction!

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