I have learned to value so many things!

I know that living life with diabetes has partially defined my character, attitude, my friends and most significantly; my desire to move at a nonstop pace! It probably began as a small inclination to be sure that I accomplished everything I possibly could while I still had time. Also, if I kept busy enough, I wouldn’t slow down enough to notice the more derogatory times in my life. I could just pass right by, busying myself with another goal. There’s the rub! I now know that I have all the time I want. Only in 1986, it was not presented to me as such an easy task! I also know that I should have slowed down a long time ago and taken more time to appreciate every moment as opposed to trying to check items off my list!

Isn’t that something that we all learn with time? Today was a significant day for me, although an unexpected one. My life with diabetes steered me from a world of preschool teaching to a world of teaching those with diabetes and the people that love them. I love teaching and those that I have met along my way.I attended a funeral of a fellow preschool teacher today. She taught for over 27 years at the same school. That is precisely how long I have lived with diabetes. It is a lifetime, a career and yet just a beginning!

Before I left to attend the funeral of this beautiful lady, who helped mentor me as I started teaching (as green as I could be); I was asked by another friend for a favor. This favor came at the request of a woman and teacher approximately the same age as my recently deceased friend. A friend in her 60′s asked me (after I casually brought it up in conversation) to help teach her to drive a car. This woman in her 60′s is from another country across the ocean. She is not accustomed to asking anyone for help and will barely ask for a coffee or tea, so as not to have to repay another.  I felt happy that I have become the type of friend that  even if it never materializes, she felt comfortable to discuss this dream with me. I left for the funeral with a wistful smile on my face.

After the funeral service, I had tears running down my face. I was surrounded by former teachers that I had worked with and even the director that had hired me years ago on the spot. I felt grateful for my life with diabetes! Wait, I know you think I just made a typo. I know that sounds odd, but the day I was asked to begin teaching preschool, was a day that I had thought to myself, “Would I ever be courageous to do something incredible with my life?”

I knew I had done the most courageous thing by having my daughter. However, would I be able to show her a good example of a hard working woman, mother, friend and teacher? Would I let my life with diabetes settle me? Would I still venture out to test the waters?

This post seems very sentimental, I know. However, I do not let many see my sentimental side of life with diabetes. Only a few family members and some quality college girlfriends ever see that side! I am thankful for the wonderful friends I have met. Whether they are due to obvious circumstances or ones that I put on myself out of fear or an unrealistic fear of survival. I am grateful that life goes on. I am grateful that regardless of any fears I have about my life, it all goes on.

My friend was buried today. Tomorrow I help teach another friend, at an advanced age, to start a new life practice! Life with diabetes does not define me completely! Life with any special circumstances does not define any of us completely. I am proud that diabetes has helped shape my life (even if I get overly sentimental about it at times)! I am glad that I was aware at an early age to value the minutes and the many accomplishments that await each of us. I am more glad that life with diabetes (although difficult) has led me to a life of valued friends and practices. What a gift you are! What a gift you are to others! Diabetes does not limit us per say. It is an amazing, if not difficult task that binds us to others. Value those in your life and realize that it always goes onward!!

On, and wish me luck teaching driving lessons tomorrow!!




I have had a very meaningful day

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