I appreciate so many of you!


I am so glad to have shared the presentation of “Beating Diabetes Burnout” today! It was a small group, but extremely powerful! I am grateful to Anne Nelson, RPh for her wonderful partnership and insightful methodology. I also want to extend a Thank You to Linda Curry of True Balance Wellness and Lisa Bobell-Vincent of Holistic Vibrancy, for contributing their business samples that are based on health and wellness.

Burnout happens to all of us. We can’t officially eliminate it, but we can learn how to manage it and live with this condition. Some simple techniques can help you build communication in your life and healthy responses for when you are experiencing the feeling of “Overwhelm”. Some humor, balance, and understanding help to accomplish this feat. It is important to incorporate into your daily life with diabetes.

Learning to “ride the wave of life” instead of controlling it is essential. I appreciate all of my friends’ and clients’ stories and trials that help me to help others!

We do not have to let life with diabetes define our lives. We can, with a support system, overcome!
Thank You!



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