Do you get nervous about your vision appointments?

I have worn glasses since the third grade. I started to wear contacts in the fourth grade. My glasses were interfering with my basketball and soccer practice. My dad said that I should just get the kind that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wore. Sure. That would have been really cool for a girl in elementary school.

I didn’t have diabetes then. I used to worry about the way I looked in glasses. Now I just worry about all of the intricate vessels behind my eyes and what my ophthamologist will see before I do. Living with diabetes can be hard. Eye appointments always make me nervous. Poor vision runs on both sides of my family. I’m used to it. Diabetes does not.

I love it that my eye doctor asks me how I am, starts to look in my eyes during dilation and immediately gives me a report. The weight is lifted. He realizes that most people living with diabetes are in a state of anticipation to either receive the pass or fail report at each exam.

After all of these years it has taken me a long time to find a doctor that realizes the anticipation behind his words. Simply ask your own doctor to give you the report immediately. I have found that most doctors will do so when asked. They didn’t even realize there was the need.


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