Back To School The Healthy Way

I had a delightful time speaking at My Fit Foods Gainey Ranch last Thursday night. I want to give a huge “Thank You” to both Molly Hale and Tim Spellman for their help in facilitating this event. I loved getting to meet some new friends and seeing some familiar ones as well! We might have morphed into a total T1 group discussion! Thank you to all my participants for your questions and comments. I love an attentive audience! I thought a recap of some of our discussion would help others.

A few highlight reminders from the event.

1. Remember your carb and protein proportions in your snacks and meals. Your grams of protein should be at least half or more of your carbohydrate grams. That can be challenging with packaged products.

2. Remember that just because a diabetic can eat anything as long as they cover it with insulin, doesn’t mean that they should. Do not get so focused on your carbohydrate counting that you forget about the other nutrients from various food groups! We are too carb centered!

3. Water is essential for many reasons. Most all people today are dehydrated, even if you do not feel that you are. Most adults should consume at least 2.5-3 liters per day. Another good rule of thumb to know: Your body weight in lbs. divided by 2 = the number of oz. of water one should consume per day.
Carbohydrate cravings can be reduced by more water intake. It is crucial to “up” your water intake before trying to reduce your carb cravings.

4. Try as much as possible to increase your vegetables at every meal. That sounds crazy, but veggies at every meal helps keep your palate balanced, fiber levels up and added vitamins without adding many calories.

5. If you attend a nut free campus, Try to incorporate those proteins during your snacks or meals outside of school hours.

6. Keep the “snack” size baggies of fresh veggies ready in your fridge for kids to grab. Keep small containers of dips and peanut or almond butter on hand for kids to use. Healthy fats are needed for young brain development.

7. Shop the perimeter of your grocery stores with only a few trips down the middle aisles.

A few tips from My Fit Foods:

Cinnamon is a great antioxidant. Be sure to buy the “Saigon Cinnamon” version. The plain version is not as helpful.
Lemons help balance the Ph level of your water. Use them frequently.
To keep fresh fruits and veggies fresh, coat in a lemon juice and water solution to keep them from turning brown and mushy in lunches.
Fun snacks for kids: Freeze small bags of grapes as treats, especially during the hot months.
At every meal, eat your protein and veggies first. Eat your fruit and carbohydrates last. You will be filled more and this will stabilize your blood glucose a little bit better.

Attend our next class for more tips!!!

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