One Inspiring night

I’m so proud of my team!

To be honest, between my recently injured rib cage, the relatively recent loss of one of my dear friends and the unpredicatble blood glucose readings I have been having, I haven’t been much in the mood for any kind of celebrating.  However, this week I attended a wonderful dinner honoring the great volunteers of the American Diabetes Association. What an amazing and inspiring night! This organization made me forget about my issues (other than diabetes) and appreciate so many people for all they do for me!

The heroes of the night were the many long term volunteers as well as the children that are taking action. I listened to countless stories of those that have either given their time, money, business skills or support to the diabetes cause. There were wonderful stories of advocacy, inspiration and perserverance. The feeling of being together and not alone in this fight was overwhelming.

I also was inspired by the many elementary and junior high school staff that were present. The PE coaches, school nurses and teachers are making great strides in bringing awareness about diabetes to their campuses. If only we could get this information to every school out there!

It was a great night. I am proud of my American Diabetes Association Youth Advocates, that were awarded this honor. They raised funds, awareness and seemed to have a great time doing it!

Cheers to you all!

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