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When I was diagnosed in 1986, I went to as many support groups as my mother could find for me. I think I attended two in my hometown. The hospitals there offered a not very regular diabetes support group. When I went, I was the youngest person by at least 40 years and 99% of the group were T2 patients. It was nice to know that support groups existed, but it didn’t help me when I was twelve and it didn’t offer much support to my devastated mother at the time.

I have been honored to get to know the Type One Diabetes Foundation that now exists in my hometown. This is an amazing organization that offers local support for Type 1 diabetics and their families. It is immediate, personal and thorough. My first meeting was with Margie Boyd, the Executive Director. Her own son has T1. I then was asked to speak during one of the Adult Type One luncheon series. I met with a great group of women and men.

During the luncheon, Margie was notified that two new children had just been diagnosed. Yes, our numbers are rising. She left for the hospital immediately with a gift basket and emotional support for two families that were by all means shocked and devastated. What an amazing thing to witness. The people within this foundtaion are dedicated. They are bringing hope to those that live with diabetes. These new families do not have to live in the isolation that many others must endure.

Tyler Type One provides immediate support for newly diagnosed families. An experienced Type 1 parent, usually accompanied by a Type 1 child, meets the family with a special basket of carb snacks that can be used to treat low blood sugars. They also offer monthly support groups for children and families. In addition, they host Diabetes 101 classes to provide basic education concerning Type 1 Diabetes. Families are encouraged to invite grandparents, baby-sitters, extended family, neighbors and friends.  .

I am proud of this group, the hard work that they are doing and the support they are offering their community. It goes to show what a dedicated few can do. I am proud of my hometown and grateful that support is continuing to build! Please visit their website at www.tylertypeone.org

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