Diabetes Awareness Month

It is November.  In Arizona this time of year brings a brief period we all relish.   As the extreme heat turns into the moderate cool, we are thankful for these few days between Halloween and Christmas. I personally am thankful for November.

I was diagnosed with diabetes in November many years ago. November also happens to be Diabetes Awareness Month. Over the past few weeks I have participated in both the ADA Step Out Walk to Cure Diabetes and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Walk to Cure Diabetes. I have attended meeting after meeting to promote diabetes awareness and have been proud of the many activities that are taking place around the country to support diabetes.

During this month of November, I am thankful. I am thankful that I can laugh with my daughter as I put a “Diabetes Awareness” sign in our front yard. She groaned and said, “Oh no, are we going to be those sign people now?” I can laugh because she knows it is serious, but we are both thankful that she does not have diabetes. One of my old friends from camp is not so lucky. Her son was diagnosed this week. I can only try to imagine what she and her family are going through this November. Despite the sadness, I am thankful that she has the knowledge and experience to guide her son through the rough times.

I left a client’s home yesterday and felt so proud of the work that my client had accomplished with my support. His effort was inspiring and uplifting.  Not only was I proud, I was thankful to see him regain some control over his life with diabetes. I was thankful for the hope that had come back into his family’s life, and I was thankful for the new friendships I had made.

I am thankful for the efforts of so many volunteers, families,and diabetics. I have seen tired volunteers and physically and emotionally drained parents put nearly everything they could into fundraising for their child’s cause. They are warriors, and yet after the hype of the walks and the fundraising they are still getting up to do night time BG checks and control BG highs and lows. I am grateful for their dedication.

In 1986 I was not thankful for November. I can see it differently now. I am thankful for the advancements in diabetes research, growth in awareness, and expansion of knowledge about type 1 diabetes. I am thankful for my clients and those that want to strive for a healthier life. I am thankful for the support I have in my life and thankful for the support that I bring to others. Please participate in Diabetes Awareness Month in any way that you can, and remember to be thankful, even during the more challenging times.

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