2012 ADA Health Fair in Mesa, AZ

Today was a good day! We all have our good ones and our bad ones. Today The Diabetes Coach sponsored the Youth Zone for the American Diabetes Association’s Pheonix Health Fair. I also happen to be a co-chair for the ADA Youth Ambassadors, so it was a great fit. It was a good day.

I met with numerous people living with diabetes. T1 kids that I work with in the ADA got to help out in the Youth Zone. They were there to support others with diabetes, answer questions, and handle face-painting. I better include that they were in  charge of the “technology of the Wii” system that was used. I am now officially old and couldn’t begin to help them with the system!

I had a great group of kids helping other kids and hopefully relieving parents of some of their fears of leaving their kids alone while they gathered new information from either the sessions being offered or the various vendors present.

I was surrounded by positive people and groups. You could see the newly diagnosed families entering a mile away. We have all been there. They were in shock and trying to support their loved one. Some older people were still fighting the good fight and continuing to gather as much new information as possible. Some were looking for new technology, some were searching for hope and some were hoping for a miracle, as they struggled with finances, insurance problems and health concerns. I can say is that it was a beneficial, educational and supportive event. I was proud to be a part of it.

I had a great group of ADA youth Ambassadors helping run the event. I met many new people and was glad to be a source of hope for some families. I got the opportunity to talk to people living with diabetes. The kids, played BINGO, did arts and crafts, the Wii, got some face painting and went through the obstacle course provided by Wil Power Challenge!

I have to extend a big thank you to both the ADA for running such a successful event and to Wil Power Challenge. Wil Power Challenge is a non-profit developed to help combat the incidence of children with obesity. It is a FREE program. The ADA also provides these free health fairs, childrens summer camps and countless other educational and support opportunities. Please visit www.ada.org as well as www.wilpowerchallenge.com for more information.



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