Meet Makayla…

Makayla was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes on September 6, 2011.  We asked Makayla to talk a little bit about her diabetes.  You can also check out her JDRF video at the bottom of the page:

What were you feeling after your diagnosis?

Terrified! And worried I’d never be normal again.

How are your parents feeling? How does that make you feel?

My dad was upset and my mom was scared and angry it was happening to me, It makes me feel sad.

What did you know about diabetes before you had it?

ABSOLUTELY nothing, except my grandpa had it, but he got his from the hospital when the overdosed medication.

Do you ever feel like you are the only one you really know with diabetes?
Yes, because I am the only diabetic at my school.

How would you describe yourself?
Different from everybody else, but I’m also smart, energetic, fun to be with and beautiful and unique.

What are your favorite things to do with friends/by yourself?
Talk on my cell phone with my friends about stuff, and roller skate and ice skating, play volleyball, dancing and singing,.

How is diabetes affecting your activity levels?

It’s not really except that I have to stop what I’m doing with my friends and check my sugar levels and sometimes can’t finish what I was doing because of my levels.

What do your friends say about your diabetes?

It doesn’t matter to them because I’m still “me”. I love to be with my cousin Trinity, we are like “crossed fingers” she loves me the way I am. The kids at school are always asking how I feel and they sometimes fight over who will walk with me to the nurses or bathroom, its so funny! Because even the boys wanna help me.

What is your favorite thing to eat when you are low?

Chocolate milk and peanut butter on crackers.

How do you like to carry your diabetic supplies throughout the day?

I carry my pump remote in my back pack and leave my diabetic bag in the nurses office, but when I’m out with my family I carry my purple lunch box (its my diabetic bag).

Do you cringe when you have to go the doctor?

No, but I don’t ENJOY going.

Have you met other kids that are type 1?
Yes, William from Peoria, we took our pump education classes together.

What is the most annoying thing that people say about diabetes that bugs you?

When they say “you can’t eat that” …OH YES I CAN, I can eat what ever I want, I just have to watch my carb and sugar intake and take my insulin FIRST!

Is it hard to describe how you eat to your friends? teachers, coaches, etc?
No, because I eat the same, except now I have to take insulin FIRST! And eat snacks more often.

What are the most important things you wish people knew about you, regardless of your diabetes?

Nothing really, most people who know me, know all about me, because I wear my heart on my sleeve, when I’m sad, I don’t talk, when I’m happy I talk a lot and when I’m hyper I am really happy  and super talkative!

2 thoughts on “Meet Makayla…

  1. My daughter is my inspiration! she is strong, capable and her mustard seed is HUGE! Makayla told me “dont worry mom, God has a plan, I dont know what it is, but he’s got one”
    It fills my heart with pride and love to hear my baby speak such faith in the face of adversity. We love you Makayla!

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