ADA Fundraiser Recap

I have just had the pleasure of completing a great fundraiser with jumpstreet, an indoor trampoline park, benefitting the Phoenix ADA chapter. What an amazing experience to watch “Kids Jumping to Help Kids”. Jumpstreet was kind enough to host this event at both valley locations in Chandler and Glendale, AZ for an entire week. I am thrilled to say that it was a huge success!

The premise of the fundraiser was to raise scholarship money for children living with Type I diabetes to attend Camp AZDA. This camp is run by the American Diabetes Association in Prescott, AZ. I fully encourage children to attend summer camps. I think there are valuable life lessons gained from spending time with other kids living with the same disease that you live with.

Upon presentation of the funds that we raised, I was able to meet a young camper that has already gotten the chance to attend Camp AZDA. What a treat to hear about some of her experiences there. I am pleased to see that she will be attending her second year of camp in a few weeks!

When I went to camp I learned I was not alone. I learned that even among us TIs, there were a variety of levels of control and passion about living with this disease. I never really felt that I couldn’t do all of the normal things that other kids in my school did over the summer, but participating in these activities with other diabetics helped. Checking your blood, going high or going low was not abnormal. I felt more confident to participate in the athletics and fun in my regular life, because I had seen so many other TI kids do these same activities. Even if they had some unusual concerns I got to see that so many were
doing and participating in their own lives.

Diabetes is such an expensive disease to live with. I hate for any child not to be able to attend at least one session of summer camp due to lack of funds. I know it happens, but I am so thankful to both jumpstreet and The Phoenix American Diabetes Association for the opportunity to raise this scholarship money.

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