Early Symptoms Of Diabetes

When glucose begins to accumulate in our blood stream, a series of symptoms will be manifested that could point to diabetes. While these symptoms may not conclusively prove to be diabetes, the presence of any of these symptoms should logically lead you to do a blood glucose test. This blog gives you a clear birds eye view of the symptoms of diabetes.

You could be considered pre-diabetic if your blood sugar is a bit higher than normal and blood glucose tests reveal that this higher level of blood sugar happens on several occasions. Type 2 Diabetes could be the next stage i.e. your blood glucose is habitually higher than normal either due to impaired insulin production or inability of your blood cells to utilize insulin. Type 1 Diabetes is when your body does not produce insulin leading to accumulation of glucose in your blood.

So is blood sugar testing the only means to find out if we are diabetic or not? Fortunately not, so let’s take a look at the symptoms of diabetes beginning with Pre-diabetic and going into Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes. The classification of Pre, Type 1 or Type 2 depends on the severity and state of your pancreas.

Symptom: Fatigue

Have you been feeling increasingly fatigued lately? Here’s what happens: normally your body metabolizes glucose and converts it to energy, which in turn powers up your activity. If your body cannot metabolize glucose then fat is metabolized into energy. This alternate method however is not efficient and the body goes into a negative calorie effect, which results in fatigue.

Symptom: Thirst

As the concentration of blood sugar increases, the brain triggers a thirst signal in an effort to get you to drink water and dilute the excess sugar in the blood. If you were drinking an average of three glasses of water a day and now instead you have been drinking 5 or more glasses than you should seriously consider a blood glucose test.

Symptom: Excess urination

Tied in with symptom of excessive thirst is an increase in the number of times you need to urinate. Excess intake of water results in excess urination. At this stage the urine essentially is secreting the excess sugar. It tends to be dark yellow.

Symptom: Excessive hunger

In an all out effort to control the sugar level, your pancreas will increase the production of insulin. Insulin however, apart from breaking down glucose in the blood also triggers sensation of hunger.

There are many other signs and symptoms that could indicate the possibility of diabetes.  For more information, contact your family doctor to get tested.

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